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Wireless Model Predictive Control


This workshop provides several exercises that are used to explore wireless MPC operation. A simplified process model of a divided wall column (DWC) is used to demonstrate how wireless MPC performance differs from wired MPC performance.

Step 1: Set MPC for wired operation and open the PredictPro Operate application to view the divided wall column MPC function block.

Step 2: Reset the control performance calculation and then make a 10% setpoint change for Top Temperature and observe the response trend.

Step 3: Record IAE and number of communications recorded for this test.

Step 4: Using the COM_SEL parameter in the test module, enable Window wireless measurement update with a period of 16 sec, default period of 32 sec and 1 percent deadband.

Step 5: Perform steps 2-3 for wireless MPC operation – compare respective performance of the wired and wireless operation.