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Simulating Wireless Control


This workshop exercise is designed to further explore the implementation of the process and wireless communication simulation for a recycle tank instrumented with wireless field devices and to show how the simulation is used in the control modules for tank level and reactor flow.

Step 1: Open the module that simulates the recycle tank process and wireless communication module and compare this to the P&ID shown in the Process tab.

Step 2: Examine the off-line and on-line view of the composites that were created to simulate the wireless communication from a transmitter to the control system. Examine the composites created to and to a simulation the communication of the target valve position to the wireless valve.

Step 3: Using a trend of the tank level, the on-off valve position and the flow to the reactor, examine how the on-off recycle valve is manipulated by LC134 to keep the tank level from going below a level setpoint. Notice how the level measurement is updated periodically by the wireless communication.

Step 4: Adjust the setpoint of FIC133 to change the flow rate to the reactor. Using a trend of the flow measurement and valve position, examine how PIDPlus regulates the valve to achieve the new flow setpoint. How does the flow change impact the level control?

Step 5: Reduce the recycle flow input and observe the impact on how frequently the recycle flow is activated.