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Discrete Control Using Wireless Field Devices


This workshop provides several exercises that can be used to further explore wireless discrete control. In the workshop a module is used that addresses the tank temperature control using a wireless temperature transmitter and wireless on-off valve. The tank heat loss is a disturbance to control operation that can be adjusted in the workshop.

Step 1: Open the module that will be used in this workshop and observe the control and simulated processes.

Step 2: Change the mode of the discrete control block, TC206, from Manual to Auto and observe how the steam valve is regulated to raise the tank temperature. Does the tank temperature control allow the temperature to overshoot setpoint.

Step 3: Observe the variation in temperature and the frequency at which the valve must be opened and closed to maintain the temperature. Change the tank heat loss rate and observe the impact on the frequency at which the valve must be opened.

Step 4: Change the value of the Deviation parameter and examine the impact on temperature variation and the frequency at which the valve must open to maintain temperature.