Wireless Control Foundation
Continuous and Discrete Control for the Process Industry
Commissioning Wireless Devices
This workshop provides several exercises that will illustrate the steps to add a new field device to a wireless network. In this workshop a new wireless device is added to the control system and the measurement it provides is added to a control module. It is assumed that the wireless gateway has been added to the control system LAN and assigned to the controller.
Step 1: Configure a new wireless device using a field communicator. Enable the burst mode to publish data. Power it on and let it join the wireless network.
Step 2: In the control system explorer view of field devices, open the Reconcile I/O dialog box, find the new device and, drag and drop it to an unused channel.
Step 3: Create a new control module and, assign it to the controller. Add an AI function block and assign its IO_IN to the tag of the channel assigned to the new device.
Step 4: Download the controller.
Step 5: Open the control module online and observe that the value of the AI block periodically updates. The updates come from the burst data of the new device.
This workshop is designed to illustrate features that are typically available in commercial products to commission a wireless network. An example tree view used in the workshop is shown in the Process tab.

This video shows the solution to the commissioning wireless devices workshop contained in the book Wireless Control Foundation.