Wireless Control Foundation
Continuous and Discrete Control for the Process Industry

The Wireless Control Foundation book details how recent technical innovations enable wireless measurements and wireless valves to be used in closed loop control for continuous and discrete applications in the process industry.

Information is provided on how to integrate a wireless network into a legacy control system how to modify the PID for wireless control using tools supported by the DCS. Application examples and workshops are used to illustrate key concepts associated with wireless control.

On this website you can access these workshop exercises, associated process descriptions, and YouTube videos that show the workshop solutions.


Terry Blevins gave a paper presentation at the American Control Conference, Portland, OR on PID Control Using Wireless Measurements.

This paper shows how the same quality of control as wired PID can be provided by PIDPlus using a wireless measurement, despite slower wireless measurement update and communication interruptions.

In Action
Workshop solutions can also be accessed through the Control Foundation YouTube channel.
Wireless Control Foundation is available as a printed book and eBook through ISA and Amazon web sites.